Human Resources

Human Resources

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Haveboth ability and Morality  Provide Higher Development Platform.

Have exceptional creative strength Develop into a senior expert.

Strong communication skills.


The ability to be supportive and motivate others.

Human resources center according to the company’s recent, medium and long-term development strategy for the enterprise training senior management, marketing, research and development, manufacturing and other fields of talent. The company from the leadership of overall planning, team management, professional skills, negotiation and communication, writing, process system, production skills and other areas of the company to implement comprehensive training. And staff development formulated the multi-faceted, personalized training plan, through long-term follow-up and periodic evaluation, internal rotation, career counseling and help employees grow.

Aims to promote the growth of the company through the efforts of employees, through the company’s growth and drive the development of employees, and achieve the company and employees to develop a win-win way.

The company advocates happy work, healthy life. Human resource center each year, the company advocates happy work, life and have a good work ethic, Human Resource Center annual, quarterly, month regular organization of province inside and outside tourism, mountaineering, basketball, table tennis, badminton, football, employee birthday, holiday party, Department dinner, salon activities let employees feel the care and warmth to the organization. Human resources center through the activities of the company as the company’s vision for the company to compete for the value proposition to win the company. Let the employees work in the sense of the people-oriented work concept.

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